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Boost Your Startups & SMEs with FeHa International Consulting: Select, Personalize, and Solve Your Unique Needs.

Our IT GRC & Cybersecurity Service Partner

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Protecting with Flexibility and Reliability

Tailored Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our cybersecurity and privacy management programs are tailor-made just for you, addressing your unique needs, budget, and scope.

Adaptive Remote Team

Our virtual team seamlessly adapts to your needs anywhere, anytime.

Global Presence

Tap into our global operations and extensive experience for a valuable international perspective.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to providing ongoing support on your cybersecurity and privacy compliance journey until you achieve success.

Tailored Budget-Friendly Plans

Get a customized, affordable implementation plan exclusively for your needs. Just for you.

Unbiased Partner

We prioritize your interests, offer unbiased guidance to find the best, cost-friendly solution for you.

Third Party Risk Management Services

Overwhelmed with the numbers of third party or vendor risk assessments that you need to conduct every year? Fear not because we have experienced experts that can scale your vendor risk assessments to the highest point you want to be, with fractional costs, while delivering 3x faster results. 
Set of security guidelines beyond security questionnaire
Comprehensive review of vendors’ key security documents
Identify potential security weaknesses
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Third Party Risk Management Services
Security Compliance Services

Security Compliance Services

Say goodbye to complicated requirements and hello to our awesome security compliance service! We guarantee a worry-free experience, guiding you from implementation to ISO 27001 or SOC 2 audit success. You pick the tools, and we work hand-in-hand. Plus, we'll always have your back with ongoing support. Rock that confidence as a trustworthy company with us by your side! 😎🚀
Guided security compliance framework
Customized security project plan
Automated vulnerability scanning
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Virtual CISO Consulting (vCISO) Services

Don't get overwhelmed with costly full-time hires for occasional needs. Let us handle it. Our virtual CISO team provides cost-effective solutions to fill security knowledge and expertise gaps in your organization without the burden of full-time hires.
Cyber Risk Assessments (Identifying technical and organizational risks, mitigating threats)
Flexible Virtual Team (Beyond certifications, we're here for you)
Create Custom Programs, Full Support (Tailored to your needs, anytime, anywhere)
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Virtual CISO Consulting (vCISO) Services n


Flexible Remote Work with Reliability

Why struggle alone? Partner with us to achieve security compliance seamlessly.
Independent IT GRC and security consultant - no tool bias
Tailored programs, flexible, budget-friendly solutions
Global virtual team: asynchronous or synchronous, your choice
Long-term oriented with short-term winnings
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More than Just Accreditation

Our certified experts offer more than just a badge – they provide genuine solutions to your security problems.
Certified Information Systems Auditor®
Certified Information Systems Auditor®
Certified Information Security Manager®
Certified Information Security Manager®
ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor
ISO/IEC 27001 Lead



Ready to simplify your cybersecurity

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Simple Program for Multiple Compliance Requirements
Stay Ahead with Up-to-Date Regulations
How to Solve Common ISO 27001 Difficulties
Actionable Insights, Beyond Regulatory Text
Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Pain Points
Scalable and Predictable Deliverables Since Day One
Connect and Collaborate with Industry Experts
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FeHa International Consulting is an international IT GRC, cybersecurity, and privacy management consultant with expertise and experience ranging from startups, small business, up to large corporations.
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