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Why commentary?

by FeHa International Consulting
December 27, 2022

Most people know about Blog. But why we added a new section called Commentary?

In the past months our team had been discussing a lot about the impact of Twitter's new management style and the future of it and other social media platforms. As much as we love platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to interact with like minded professionals or share our thoughts, we realized that we are highly dependent on how these platforms are managed.

This Commentary section was then created as our answer to the whole Twitter saga, and the discussions around it. We will still be present in Twitter and Linkedin, not yet Mastodon, but we will use this section to keep our short thoughts and comments.

What makes it different from Blog?

    1. Mostly this section is about our comments or response to IT GRC and Cybersecurity related news.

    1. The content will be less edited.

    1. We will put content more often compare to Blog.

We hope you like this new section and visit us more often.

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