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The Year of Growth and Learning

by FeHa International Consulting
December 20, 2022

2022 is about to end. But I won’t let it pass without a self-reflection on how FHIC performed throughout the year and plan to progress in the coming year of 2023. 

Looking Back

Overall, 2022 is a fantastic year for FHIC. In summer we officially opened a new company in Indonesia, PT Comply System Indonesia, and throughout the year we have helped several clients to obtain their first ISO 27001 certifications. Compared to 2021, this year we are also becoming more active in voicing our opinions and thought leadership in the IT GRC and Cybersecurity arena through active posts on social media and speaking engagements.

Partnership is also something that we had been looking to grow in 2022. After careful search, in Q4 we officially signed an agreement with Vanta, the globally leading IT compliance automation. Through this partnership, we aim to support more small and medium sized companies in obtaining and maintaining security compliance certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2, in a more holistic and fun way. 

Soon we are also going to sign another agreement with one of the leaders in the security rating segment, that will further elevate our service offering in the Vendor Security Risk Management arena.

Looking Forward

The continuous trust that our clients have given us until today makes us very comfortable in entering the year 2023. Despite the looming global economy forecasts, FHIC is a very healthy company with enough reserves to ride the wave, with high potential to grow even further. 

Although we are still cooking some of these ideas internally, in 2023 FHIC is planning to:

    • Rebrand;
    • Opening up services in the area of ISO 27701, GDPR, and other privacy related regulations; and
    • Be more active in the video and audio channels.

Extra push is also given on our Third-Party or Vendor Risk Management service offering. Extra capacity and the implementation of some automation technology, will allow FHIC to serve more clients in this field. 

As regulations, such as DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act), gain more momentum in 2023, we would like to be strong-positioned as one of the trusted business partners to deliver high-quality and efficient vendor security risk assessments in the market, especially in the small-medium sized businesses segment. 

We are also going to increase our capacity for supporting ISO 27001 and SOC 2 implementation projects. Beyond opening a new company in Indonesia, we also observe that the market in Europe and North America is still quite big for new consulting players like FHIC to add value despite so many IT compliance automation solutions promising easy and quick compliance journeys. 

We will continue to focus on our core competencies:

    • Third Party Risk Management
    • Information Security Compliance Management
    • Privacy Compliance Management

On behalf of the whole team at FHIC and Comsys, I’d like to thank all of you for your continuous support and engagements throughout 2022. We are looking forward to serving you and many more new clients in 2023, and we will continue making IT GRC and Cybersecurity topics simple, fun, and accessible to many more stakeholders.

Happy holidays, stay safe and keep healthy!

FeHa International Consulting is an international IT GRC, cybersecurity, and privacy management consultant with expertise and experience ranging from startups, small business, up to large corporations.
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