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Password manager still important

by FeHa International Consulting
December 27, 2022

For the past week, people are very chatty and critical about LastPass security incident news. On our Twitter and LinkedIn feed, people are even rushing to change from LastPass to other providers such as 1Password or Bitwarden (note: our team use Bitwarden).

Despite all the lite and heavy discussions about third-party managed password managers, we at FEHA still believe that password manager is still a good thing to recommend to as many internet users as possible. And we will continue to promote its usage to all clients we serve.

Having said that, we also would like to remind people who change their password manager to another provider the following:

1. Make sure that you create a very long and complex master password.

2. Make sure that you permanently delete your account at LastPass.

3. It's time to update the passwords to your critical online services which are stored in the password manager.

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