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Cybersecurity Live Training is Superior than Recorded Videos

by FeHa International Consulting
November 12, 2023

In the world of cybersecurity, live training (either in-person or in a webinar format) is our go-to method for teaching in companies, non-profit organizations, and education institutions. We've found it way more effective than just showing recorded videos. And this is reflected into 20+ training sessions we conducted throughout 2023.

Why Live Training Rocks
Live sessions let us talk and interact directly with people. In our preparation and during the training sessions, we get to know their problems and adjust our training to fit their situations, the way their company works, and what they do in their job every day.

Talking and Listening
Live training also means everyone is focused and listening. Sure there is no guarantee that people joining live online training won't split their attention with other window on their PC/laptop screen, but it's still better than playing something in the background and not really paying attention at all.

Our aim isn't just a test at the end. It's making sure people get it and know how to keep things safe in their work. And although cybersecurity training is mandatory activities required by ISO 27001 or SOC 2, the ultimate agenda should focus on making and keeping the organizations more secure every single day.

Tips for Cyber Pros
If you're working in the cybersecurity or IT GRC roles, talk to your colleagues and plan a simple training session, whether in person or online. Make it fun and interactive. Forget boring stuff that many systems offer. People will like it better and you'll build a good connection with them.

This way, people will understand better and you'll build a stronger bond with them helping you in many of the areas you are working on beyond the training.

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