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Cybersecurity: we are in it together!

by FeHa International Consulting
December 27, 2020

I’m sure every household must have a “weird” moment where the conversation between husband-and-wife is very unusual, that is a waste when not shared. This is mine on this morning, 31 October 2020 (note: it is a translated version, because at home we are speaking Bahasa Indonesia)

A (me): ...relaxed while watching My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman 

B (wife): “Hon, can I ask you something about Cybersecurity?”

A: ...feeling proud since I thought my wife is finally showing interest in my line of work “Sure...shoot!”, and pressed pause button

B: “I just read a report from the World Economic Forum about jobs in 2025. It says that the world lacks millions of Cybersecurity professionals. Are we then not safe?”

A: “Maybe...maybe not...it's safe just like driving a car I guess. Although many incidents (dangers) on the roads every year, humans keep moving forward with their lives and keep driving. What are the 3 things you have done differently with your phone and laptop since marrying me?”

B: ”hmmm...my passwords are very long and difficult to remember, so I have to use a password manager. Every weekend I update the apps on my phone and delete the ones I hardly use.”

A: “There you go. Without talking to you about Security by Elimination concept or complicated password management, you are already helping the lacks of Cybersecurity professionals by doing your part. I can tell you that most people are not doing what you just told me, even when they are working every day in sensitive areas. If 10% - 20% of the global internet population starts doing them, I think the impact of Cybercrime (dangers) can be reduced big time.

Another one, although I read all the articles talking about how insecure Android phones are, have I forced you to use an iPhone?”

B: “No, because you told me that my budget is not enough to buy one...”

A: “Indeed. But then we make things work right? I purposely searched for an Android One phone for you (red: her budget was still lower than Pixel phone), stripped all of unnecessary apps, and made sure that the OS is always up-to-date when available. I also never forced you to use a messenger called Signal, as you found WhatsApp convenient. But I’d make sure everything else was stripped to the minimum. And that’s what at work I always talked about managing risks to the extent of the company’s risk appetite. Managing, not eliminating. If many more people keep doing these basics, I think we can be OK and keep forward with our lives despite knowing we still lack millions of Cybersecurity professionals...just doing out parts, as we are all in it together. So, are you interested to know more about Cybersecurity or about my work?”

B: ...flat response “No. Not interested. IT is too complex for me!”

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